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My Faith

I am very keen to work at X, as I am a worshiping Christian. I became disillusioned with Catholicism after the death of my beloved maternal grandmother, although I continue to attend St Marys church in Great Eccleston as her sister and other family members would be there on Sundays.

Despite being at a Catholic primary and secondary school - St Anthony and Our Ladys high school, both in Fulwood, I struggled with the fact that I wasnt allowed to be an altar girl and the priests gave sermons on family values, which didnt make sense to me, especially as they didnt have one.

After I stopped going to St Marys, as it was long cycle ride and my mum had stopped going, I attended Emmanuels, with my paternal Grandmother who was Church of England. I loved going there as people would remember my name and ask about my father. It was good to chat over a cuppa afterwards, which didnt happen with the Roman Catholic congregations.

When I moved to London for University, I attend a Roman Catholic church but I couldnt understand the priest accent and he was focussing on us being unworthy, I remember his emphasis was us "not worthy to eat the crumbs from under Christs table" The people slumped and didnt look uplifted as they left.

In a bit of a spiritual crisis years later, I needed solace in our Lord and asked Google to find local churches and St Marys in Ealing (West London) came up in my search. For years I had walked through its alley way to get to from University or Town. I felt it was a calling, but I was nervous to go in case I wasnt allowed in as a Catholic. i walked in and the vicar saw I was new and came and introduced himself, he has a beautiful family. Afterwards he introduced me to the in-house Vicar, Steve, and I later attended the Alpha course with him.

Years later I moved home to here, to be close to my ageing / ailing family. I dont regret leaving London it was too frenetic.

I have been attending Bo-Bayeet Christian Fellowship, set up at Galloway Hall, I was introduced to them by Steve, my removals guy, he probably saw my bibles and books about Jesus when packing / unpacking my belongings.

He introduced to the now retired Pastor and later I was allowed to take in my puppy who loved Pastor Mike. Steve is now one of the pastors, along with my friend Kay, who set up the fellowship

Bo-Bayeet (Hebrew) means "Come Home" and the congregation are my brothers and sisters in Christ. They are very supportive and I often take my Christian friends with me, and of course my dog Milo. I love it there as we sing hymns and / or gospel songs and as I struggle to hear words in music, there are subtitles. My favourite songs are Glorious and Amazing Grace.

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