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History of Reiki - Reyad Sekh Em

Reiki, Sekh Em and Rays of Touch Healing

Rays of touch healing bring together the elemental energies in a non-intrusive, but powerful healing combination. Reiki energy is derived predominantly from the Earth element, whilst Reyad Sekh Em combines the Earth energy with the healing energies of Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Spirit). Reiki and Sekh Em may be used for both self-help and to heal others. Powerful aids to personal growth they work on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. Energy is introduced into the energy field (or aura) around the recipient and is absorbed into the body via the chakras. 

Joanna's own version of Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian Alchemy Healing also brings in the fifth element (Quintessence, ether or spirit) and utilises colour, sound vibration, crystalline and elemental angelic energies. She has also developed her own unique initiations for this ultra high vibrational healing system

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