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Joanna Bristow Watkins - Reyad Sekh Em

Joanna trained as a Tera-Mai ™ Seichem and Reiki Master in December 1999, followed by further training beyond the Mastery Level, as well as additional training in Tera-Mai ™ Cartouche Mastery, this being a system based on Murry Hope's Cartouche Divination kit and involving attunements into 24 Egyptian symbols. In 2002, having taught the excellent Tera-Mai ™ Seichem system for a few years, Joanna felt compelled to immerse herself in some further background studies on Egyptian philosophies, as these seemed lacking in the material supplied. What started as a supplementary exercise, quickly uncovered a host of fascinating doctrines and symbols which were not embraced by the existing system, leading her to consider the development of an altogether new system. Furthermore, Joanna's older sister - Angela McGerr - was now established as an expert in Essene Angelology; this being the integration of daily commune with named angels as advocated by an ancient healing community living around the Dead Sea about 2,000 years ago and therefore contemporary with Jesus Christ. Involving the named angels, identified by the Essenes, as the guardians of the elements and other healing attributes, seemed like another potential enhancement, as well as incorporating other modalities from Joanna's growing skillbase, such as sound vibration and crystal energies.

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