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I started learning about the Inner Peace Movement (IPM) from Melissa Kitto in 2008. I subsequently did training for the Orientation Seminar and Profile along with running weekly groups. I now run groups and trainings in Preston, Lancashire

IPM was founded by Dr. Francisco Coll, a world leader in spiritual development, in 1964. At a very early age Francisco became aware that he possessed an inner guidance and that he could enter into a direct communication with Spiritual Helpers. These Spiritual Helpers unfolded to his understanding the mechanics of the Universe in the form of Truths and Techniques that could be passed on to others who are sincerely seeking answers for themselves.

From 1964 until his passing in 1999, Francisco travelled the world sharing these Truths and Techniques and training people seeking spiritual freedom to do the same. He organized his wisdom into the Inner Peace Movement® Program. 

His motto "If you give a hungry man a fish, he will be hungry again tomorrow; If you teach him to fish, you free him." 

IPM is a means of becoming your true self; the dynamic, happy, balanced you. IPM can put into your hands the tools and techniques to develop your awareness and create for yourself an unbelievably successful life on all levels.

The purpose of the techniques is to help you expand your spiritual sensitivity and your discernment for greater command of your own energy. A sense of inner security unfolds making it easier to make positive choices and live a more balanced and fulfilling life, which helps individuals strengthen their personal leadership skills and self-confidence as they develop clear personal direction.

Participants are encouraged to continue at their own pace as they build on their inner loyalty and remain active as long as they feel they are getting something out of their involvement. 

Orientation Seminar (available now)

The "Man and the Universe" Orientation Lecture presents you with an expanded view of yourself and the world around in which you live. This 90 minute program helps you better understand your experiences in life and discover new dimensions of your inner potential. These lectures are presented by local, national and international leaders who explain: 

⦁ mankind's relationship to self and the universe 

⦁ the relationship between our intellectual (conscious) and feeling (sub-conscious) natures 

⦁ the four spiritual gifts of prophecy, vision, intuition and feeling

⦁ the cycles of your life and how your physical age relates to your spiritual nature. 

Orientation Profile (available now)

  • Discover how many Spiritual Helpers you are working with you.
  • Discover which of the psychic gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling is your personal strength and how to use your gifts.
  • Learn a technique that will instantly relax you and help you be aware of your inner guidance.
  • Learn how to communicate directly with your guides. You will receive immediate answers to all of your important questions.

Angel Encounter Workshop (coming soon)

Learn to Communicate Directly with your Angels! You have a personal team of angels/ guides/ helpers who desire to connect with you, support you and assist you. But are you paying attention? Do you know how to ask them questions when you need assistance? In the Angel Encounter Workshop, you’ll learn methods and tools to open a closer connection with your guides and ask them direct questions. You’ll be able to ask a question and receive an immediate answer. You’ll also learn about your own intuition and your spiritual gifts through a personal consultation.

Group Meetings (available now)

NEW SPIRITUAL HORIZONS – Twelve weekly 2 hr. sessions Text: Man and the Universe Group manual: New Spiritual Horizons 1001 Orientation Profile (recommended)

Can be done online or in person

Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop TM (Coming soon)

An expansion on the Orientation Lecture, this 3 hour program goes in-depth with techniques that allow you to experience your inner potential. You will: 

Participate in techniques that: 

⦁ Start the process of reawakening your psychic abilities, 

⦁ Allow you keep your energy positive and directed all the time, 

⦁ Awaken your personal healing vibration, 

⦁ Enable you to use your spiritual energy for your own good and the good of others. 

⦁ Discover more about your inner guidance and expand your awareness of the spiritual backing you have all the time. 

⦁ Solidify the feeling of hope and excitement about being you that comes from realizing your unlimited potential. 

⦁ Begin to see how practical spiritual growth is to your material well being. 

From £11.00 

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