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Neutral Space® Relaxation

Lyn & Graham Whiteman Founders

ABOUT NEUTRAL SPACE RELAXATION® Designed and co-created by Lyn and Graham, the Relaxation work has evolved from a combination of their existing work, and many years of experience as bodywork Practitioners over 15 years. In 2007 the relaxation work became a totally new way of working. We realised just how beneficial and relaxing it is to receive this bodywork, and in 2011 formed the Company ‘Neutral Space Limited', our Education and Training Business, 'Neutral Space Relaxation®, near Chichester, West Sussex. 

How does it work? The Relaxation sessions are suitable for those who may be experiencing high s stress levels, this Relaxation work assists in bringing about balance of the body and mind, like Mindfulness, allowing a feeling of calm and clarity to exist. Enabling clearer thinking, and better-quality decision making. 


Neutral Space Relaxation®, enables Deep Relaxation to be experienced and known, through the Relaxation sessions. Lyn and Graham are creating awareness of the Relaxation and Mindfulness. The Relaxation involves gentle body rocking movements, and connections. The sessions are fully clothed, on a massage couch, and the sequence takes about 45 minutes.


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